WinQSB 2.0

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An excellent educational program to solve a large number of quantitive problems.

WinQSB is an excellent educational program to solve a large number of quantitive problems. It is also very useful in business as a way of making decisions.

WinQSB, whose intellectual property belongs to Dr. Yih-Long Chang, is a series of individual modules or applications, depending on the type of decision you want to make, that help you investigate operations, ways of working, production planning, project evaluation, quality control, simulation, statistics, etc. There are a total of 19 modules:

1. Acceptance Sampling Analysis

2. Aggregate Planning

3. Decision Analysis

4. Dynamic Programming

5. Facility Location and Layout

6. Forecasting

7. Goal Programming

8. Inventory Theory and System

9. Job Scheduling

10. Linear and integer programming

11. Markov Process

12. Material Requirements Planning

13. Network Modeling

14. Nonlinear Programming

15. PERT and CPM

16. Quadratic Programming

17. Quality Control Chart

18. Queuing Analysis

19. Queuing Analysis Simulation.

WinQSB is an ideal pack of applications for those interested in solving problems of administration, production, project management, etc. It's not important how big your business is, or what problem you need to make a decision on, because WinQSB can help. It has a very intuitive interface and can be downloaded for free. What are you waiting for?


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